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Your Bra Size Is Just a Guide

Model in Rose & Thorne black lacy bra and underwear. Text reads: The Fitting Room | Your Bra Size is Just a Guide

We are more than just our bra size - we are beautiful, capable, inspiring, and motivated fabulous females! The numbers and letters are there to make sure your bra doesn't hurt - because it never should. Here's how to ensure that you're getting the right fit, every time. 

Here's how to make sure that your size is helping you find the perfect fit:

1. Fitting

Get a bra fitting once a year. We call this your WOF- Warrant of Fitting. This is important because our bodies are constantly fluctuating - and this is normal! Get a re-fit more often if you've taken up a sport or activity, or had a major change in your life. 


2. Numbers and letters are just a starting point

The band size and bra cup size are just indications. It's just as important to find the correct underwire shape for your body as well as the shape of the bra. The underwire should fit snuggly directly under the breast flesh and be sloping away from the side of your breast. 

3. You won't necessarily be the same size in every bra shape

Like shoes, each bra shape is different and does something different for your boobs. Some move you up, some move you from side to front, some have higher necklines, and some have lower necklines. Each one is designed to fit differently.

It's as easy as that - find your shape, and find your size. Rose & Thorne's unique combination of our Forgiving Fit™ Technology and five iconic bra cup shapes means we have the perfect bra for almost every shape and size, including E cup, F cup, G cup, H cup, & J cup bras.


Each shape serves a different purpose, and these five shapes are not going to change. So once you’ve found the shapes that work for you, you can buy bra after bra without ever having to try them on again!

That's why finding the size that is most comfortable and supportive for you is just so important. Lingerie shopping has never been easier. 

Let us help you find your perfect bra size by booking your online bra fitting today. Or, check out our bra size calculator and international size chart. Alternatively, if you're short on time, try out our Pocket Bra Guru - a 5-minute tool to help you find your bra size at home.


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