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The Perfectly Fitting Bra with Rose & Thorne's Forgiving Fit™ Technology

Model wearing comfortable Rose & Thorne Bra, text reads: Rose & Thorne's Forgiving Fit™ Technology

Our bodies are constantly fluctuating, which is why we've created a flexible bra that changes with you. We take a look at how our Forgiving Fit™ Technology works, and what makes it so incredibly comfortable. 

At Rose & Thorne, we know that every woman’s body is different and that our bodies are constantly fluctuating. We also know that between 60-80% of women wear the wrong size bra. That’s why we created Forgiving Fit™ Technology. A design that gives you more comfort in your day-to-day lingerie without costing you more, or compromising style.

There are two main components to our Forgiving Fit™ Technology: Bra Band Flex and Cup Size.

Band Flex 

The first thing our designers looked at was the fixed measurement – the band around your body, under your bust. Get this wrong and you either feel cut in half or lack any real support. Band-Flex uses a combination of patterns, fabric and construction to ensure the bra adjusts to your body and keeps you supported.

Cup Size 

The other key ingredient of any bra is the bra cup size. If it’s too big, your breasts will abandon any hope of support, too small and two boobs can look like four. Our solution: the Cocoon-Cup, a shape that naturally curves around the breast for a flexible fit with the right amount of support. With Forgiving Fit™ you’ll be much more comfortable with as your body fluctuates or even if you’re a little out with your sizing.

Forgiving Fit’s™ two design innovations combined with our Five Iconic Shapes ensure you have the comfortable bras you deserve each and every day.

All five of our bra shapes contain the Forgiving Fit™ Technology. Our bras are designed in New Zealand for sizes from A-cup through J-cup bras, and our Forgiving Fit™ technology is already widely loved.

"I was nervous purchasing a bra online, but I absolutely love the bra, it fits beautifully, and is very comfortable to wear. Being a larger cup size the support I needed is there as well. "

If you need help finding the right bra size, you can use our bra size calculator, or, schedule an online bra fitting with one of our Bra Gurus. 

To give our Forgiving Fit™ Technology a try, browse our range of comfortable bras. Or, shop our range of range of new bras.