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Introducing the Online Bra Fitting Experience

Image of Bra Guru Sue. Text reads: Introducing Online Bra Fittings

Passionate about fitting comfortable and supportive bras for women,  everywhere, Bra Guru Sue innovated on-the-fly to create the Rose & Thorne virtual bra fittings during New Zealand's Alert Level 4 lockdown. We asked Sue a few questions about this new experience…

Here at Rose & Thorne, we stand firmly by our belief that bras should never hurt. Normally, our Bra Guru Sue spends time fitting real women every day at Rose & Thorne, ensuring that comfort and support always come first. However, in lockdown, the in-person fitting experience was put on hold.

Passionate about fitting comfortable and supportive bras for women, everywhere, Bra Guru Sue innovated quickly and created the Rose & Thorne online fitting experience. We asked Sue a few questions about this new way to find your fit online...

Why did you start the online fitting experience?

In the wake of COVID-19 as we all needed to stay home and work remotely, I wanted to ensure that all of our wonderful ladies were able to get the right fitting bras to be by their side during this time.

And the online fitting experience was born!

Is it private?

It is 100% private. It's just me, no-one else will see the fitting. It isn't recorded, and there's no-one else around! (On your end, you can be as private as you like…)

How does it work?

This works exactly as it would in the fitting room. I'll begin by asking you to show me the bra that you're currently wearing, and we'll discuss the points of that bra on you to determine what the fit is doing for you.

 If you are comfortable with showing me your current bra, great! If you're not comfortable showing me the bra you're wearing, we can talk about the fit through 20 questions! 

I can also help you get into your bra properly, certainly "something your mum never showed you!" Hopefully, we can see if that makes you more comfortable.

What kinds of questions will you ask?

For example, we might chat about what you don't like about your current fit. I could ask -  are the wires digging in, why the wires are digging in etc. If the bra is digging up under your arms or digging into your breast, you'll need to either change the shape of the underwire or change the size. 

What are you hoping to achieve by holding online fittings?

Rose & Thorne believes wholeheartedly that bras shouldn’t hurt. There are absolutely no reasons they should hurt if your bra fits perfectly. By starting online fittings, I'm hoping that we can get you more comfortable than you currently are - or comfortable full stop!

What are you most excited about?

I'm looking forward to perfecting the art of the online bra fitting experience together! We're in this together -  let's get through this the best that we can.


Or book your very own one-to-one virtual bra fitting with Bra Guru Sue.