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The Best Bra Shape For Your Breasts

Woman in white lacey Rose & Thorne  bra. Text reads: The Fitting Room | The Best Bra Shape For Your Breasts

Dive into this ultimate guide to our five bra shapes, engineered with Forgiving Fit™ technology to keep you comfortable and supported at all times of the day. Bras shouldn't be uncomfortable - so let us help you find the right bra for your breasts.

The Bra Gurus at Rose & Thorne have created our five iconic shapes to serve women’s differing needs. These bra shapes came about through dedicated research and testing, on real women, combined with decades of experience in the lingerie industry.

Each shape serves a different purpose, and these five shapes are not going to change. So, once you’ve found the shapes that work for you, you can buy bra after bra without ever having to try them on again. Lingerie shopping has never been easier! 

All of our shapes contain our unique Forgiving Fit™ technology. Our Forgiving Fit™ is a design that gives you more comfortable bras without costing you more or compromising in style. Whether you are wearing a size that is a little too small, or a little too big, our technology will mold to your bust.

Our five iconic shapes are: 

Oh Naturale

Smooth Operator


En Forme (Betty Boobs) 

Perky Power


Let's dive into a bit more detail!

Model wearing pink lace Rose and Thorne Oh Naturale BraModel wearing pink lace Rose and Thorne Oh Naturale Bra

Oh Naturale

A soft-lined bra that feels barely there. Oh Naturale features a lightly-lined, non-padded cup to give you a relaxed, natural feel and profile. View the Oh Naturale bras range.

Model wearing nude Rose & Thorne Smooth Operator BraModel wearing nude Rose & Thorne Smooth Operator Bra

Smooth Operator 

The classic t-shirt bra, that's virtually invisible. Smooth Operator is designed to give you coverage without the extra oomph. This is a classic T-shirt bra with a thin shell cup to prevent nipple show. View the Smooth Operator bras range.

Model wearing blue lacey Rose and Thorne Curvylicious BraModel wearing blue lacey Rose and Thorne Curvylicious Bra


A lightly padded bra that curves and gently lifts. This bra optimizes your shape and gives you the perfect lift. Wider-set shoulder straps create an open neckline and light padding ensures no nipple show. View the Curvylicious bras range. 

Model wearing Black Rose and Thorne En Forme BraModel wearing Black Rose and Thorne En Forme Bra

En Forme (Betty Boobs)

A deceptively supportive, non-padded bra that gently moves your bust forward. En Forme is designed to gently shift your bust forward, enhancing your natural shape and givein you a sleeker silhouette. With design features including a Vertical Cup Seam, this bra create a rounded profile with mendium control. View the En Forme bras range here. 

Model wearing pink Rose and Thorne Perky Power BraModel wearing pink Rose and Thorne Perky Power Bra

Perky Power*

A plunging neckline that adds a whole cup size. Plunge, boost, and lift are all in a day’s work for the amazing Perky Power. With push-up pads in the cup alongside a plunging neckline, Perky Power rounds and uplifts your shape, enhancing cleavage by adding a cup size. View the Perky Power bras range. 

*Please note that this shape is being discontinued. The closest alternative to the Perky Power is our Curvylicious range This bra has a light padding, a plunging neckline, and a low center front, lightly lifting to make sure your great shape is the best it can be.

If you'd like some help finding the shape that works best for you, we recommend sheduling an online bra fitting with our Bra Guru Sue. Or, see more about our bra shapes. We can't wait to help you to find your perfect fit!


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