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Sue's News - Non-Wired Bras in Development + Your FAQs!

Rose & Thorne's Bra Guru Sue smiliing. Text reads: Sue's News - Non-Wired Bras in Development + Your FAQs!

Didn't get a chance to tune in to Sue's News on Facebook? Never fear, here's what was covered!

Things felt almost back to normal this week (September 2020) although Auckland is still in "Alert Level 2.5" and the rest of the country is at "Alert Level 2". It's been interesting to see how quickly we adapt to new ways of conducting our lives, and the ways in which we're changing the way we do things - right down to the style of bras women all around the world are wearing. From talking to our customers, both in store and through our social media channels, it's become clear a lot of us are wanting to ditch the underwire (at least in the comfort of our own homes) to match the more causal, comfortable style of clothing we're spending more and more time in.

When we're developing bras, we try and take on board everything our customers are telling us, which is why I'm happy to say that I've been working on developing a non-wired bra for the last six or so months. The problem is, most non-wired bras tend to provide no more support than say, a tea towel wrapped around your chest and making sure we have a product that gives good shape and support, especially to bigger busts, is really important to me. And maybe something a bit prettier than the typical non-wired options already in the market! If you have any feedback on what you'd like to see, I'm all ears. Leave us a comment or send us a message - everything you tell us plays a bigger part in our research and development than you'd probably think.

There were a few questions raised by the ladies who did manage to tune in to the live stream, and I'm sure there's a few more of you who'd like the same answers too, so here's what was asked:

When are you bringing out a compression sports bra??!!!!??!?!?!?! The active bra is great for milking the cows or going to work, but I need something for high impact activities!

It’s here, it’s here. We listened to you. Check out our wire-free, compression sports bra. It’s available up to a J cup! It also has a few cool tricks up it's sleeves with different hooks and eye formats (so you don't get stuck in a racer back bra like I once did when testing one many years ago...) so I'm excited to share these with you.

Will you be getting more T-Shirt bras?

Yes! Orders have officially been sent through to our factory for the shaped T-shirt bra which will give a bit of a better shape, especially for our DD, E and F cup ladies. As we're about to start production on this line, we're running a bit low on stock of the current one at the moment, but trust newer and better things are coming in our Smooth T-shirt bra, available in 2 packs!

I find my wires tend to dig in a lot, why would this be?

If your wires are digging in, it's quite possible that it's the shape of the wire itself that's the problem rather than the size and volume of the cups. Not every wire shape suits every body. I'm currently working on a slight variation in wire shape which will be going into testing soon, so this could potentially help. 

I'd love to see H cups with wider straps - is this a possibility?

We've had a great response to the wider straps on the Premium Support Serena G, H and J Cups so it would be worth checking these out. I was originally told this wasn't going to possible by our manufacturer, but a bit of gentle persuading got them across the line and they seem to be doing the trick.

I have a problem with my straps falling off my shoulder even though my bra fits me properly - why, and what can I do about it?

There's a few reasons this could happen; you could have a sloping shoulder, or where the straps attach on the band could be a little bit too wide for your body frame. The T-Shirt bra should address this issue if that's the reason for you, as I'm putting the straps a bit closer together on the band. However, there are a few products out in the market that could help you with this, the main one being a strap that connects width-wise across your back, between your straps to hold them closer together. This isn't currently something we stock, but they're out there.

Remember, we're always here to help you out - flick us a DM on Instagram or Facebook, or fire through an email to We want to hear it all - the good, the bad, the ugly (and a bit more good too!).


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