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Shoulder Straps 101

Bra Guru Sue fitting bra on model. Text reads: The Fitting Room Shoulder Straps 101

Let’s talk about shoulder straps.

We know what you're thinking - what’s there to talk about, right?! Turns out...your shoulder straps are actually really important when it comes to making sure your bra is as comfy as possible and fits as it should.

One of the most important things to know about shoulder straps is that they are not designed to hold your bra up. Wait - what?! Yip that’s right - the support in your bra actually comes from the body, and the shoulder straps simply close the cup against your boobs.

You still need to adjust your shoulder straps sufficiently so that the underarm is flush against the body, but your straps shouldn’t be the ones doing all the heavy lifting.

So, if your shoulder straps are so tight they’re on the verge of snapping like a rubber band - it’s probably time for an online bra fitting with Bra Guru Sue! It's a totally private and confidential fitting designed to make sure you're wearing the right size and shape and make shopping online with us even easier.

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