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Introducing: The Rose & Thorne Leakproof Maternity Bra

Model wearing the Rose & Thorne Leakproof Matenrity Bra. Text reads: Introducing the Rose & Thorne Leakproof Maternity Bra!

It's time to say goodbye to embarrassing milk-stained tops with the new Rose & Thorne Leakproof Maternity Bra

Designed with the help of real-life mums and their real-life challenges of pregnancy and post-partum. The revolutionary Dry Layer Technology to absorb breast milk, the Leakproof Maternity Bra keeps you feeling dry and stops leaks showing through. 

How it works:

  • The moisture-wicking inner layer keeps you feeling dry
  • The innovative middle Dry Layer absorbs breast milk
  • The water-resistant outer layer stops leaks from showing through
  • No need for breast pads! 
  • Easy one-handed drop-down cups
  • Adjustable underbust band with 6 hooks-and-eyes allows for ribcage expansion
  • Non-wire cups for ultra-soft support all day and all night long
  • The a-frame within the drop-down cup is designed for enough room for feeding but enough coverage for modesty
  • Available in 3 versatile colours - Crystal, Twilight and Festival

Our Leakproof Maternity Bra is a very firm bra (unlike lots of other maternity bras). It's been designed to give extra support and shape, particularly for the fuller cups and requires the back of the bra to be firm to achieve this. While our Leakproof Maternity Bra has 6 hooks and eyes for fit and flexibility, we recommend going up a body size for comfort while your body changes shape.


Care instructions:

Machine washable on a warm cycle. Use a lingerie wash bag. Do not tumble dry as this will destroy the leakproof Dry Layer technology. Leave to dry in a warm dry place avoiding direct sunlight. Always ensure your bra is 100% dry before wearing. If sleeping whilst wearing the Leakproof Maternity Bra please be aware the breasts can move to one side and can cause milk to simply roll out of the bra rather than be absorbed.


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