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How-To: Wash Your Bra

Photo of pink sink. Text reads: How To Wash Your Bra From Rose & Thorne Lingerie New Zealand

By caring for your bras they'll keep their shape and support for longer. Read on for Bra Guru Sue's tips and tricks to keep your bras in tip top shape…

1.  Use a Wash Bag

Wash bags are the way to go! When it comes to washing bras,  you should aim to pair similar things together. Avoid washing with heavy things like jeans or towels, and pop your bras in a wash bag to keep them protected.

Need a wash bag? we've got you covered.

2. Hook It Up

Do up the hooks and eyes before washing. This will prevent the hooks from catching on other garments and will stop the underwires from twisting and popping out. This step is often skipped, but you'll thank us later when nothing is snagged or caught after popping it through the wash.

3. Warm Wash Wins

Washing frequently on a warm and "gentle" or "delicate" cycle will help to extend the life of your bra.

4. Say No To Fabric Softener

Avoid using a fabric softener as it prevents the elastics from doing their job of holding, and as a consequence, the yarn "slips".

5. Aaaaand... Dry!

Dry your bras warm dry place overnight. Avoid drying your bra in direct sunlight as UV rays can damage the elastics in your bra. Also, avoid using a tumble dryer as the heat can break down elastic.


Follow these simple steps and you'll keep your bras in tip-top shape and supporting you for longer. #HappyBra = Happy boobs = Happy you! 


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