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Customer Video Shoot

Group of our women customers smiling at the Rose & Thorne studio. Text reads: #happybra Customer Video Shoot

Here at Rose & Thorne, we embrace all women. To show just how much we love our customers, we wanted to feature them in our next video. And that's exactly what we did. 

Casting Selections

We sent out a customer casting call across our social media channels and were overwhelmed by the response. Over 80 lovely ladies applied to be featured, and we replied individually to each and every one of you!

We spoke with a range of incredible women - one is the top female pinball player in the world, another owns a food truck, another has a pet possum, and another sewed 1000 paper cranes during our Level 4 lockdown. We spoke with mothers, grandmothers, students, farmers, teachers, and entrepreneurs - how amazing!

Ultimately, we had to make some (very tricky!) decisions. We moved forward with video calls, online fittings with Bra Guru Sue, and selected four wonderful women - Paulina, Michelle, Kelly, and Hayley.

Shoot Day

Fast forward to our filming day. At 9:30 am our lovely ladies begin arriving at the studio, apprehensive but ready. Prepared. Excited for an incredible day ahead.

Coffees were ordered, the grant feast was laid out, and we rolled into the day!

The day of filming began with fittings with Bra Guru Sue. Cheers and laughter would emerge from the crew and ladies throughout all individual fittings on set. There was certainly no shortage of dancing, either!

After Bra Guru Sue had helped Paulina, Michelle, Kelly, and Hayley all find their perfect fit, the four ladies got to have a bit of fun on set altogether. As soon as the music started playing the dancing truly came to life - first in their clothes, then in their robes, and finally in their bras and knickers!

All that filming and dancing called for more bubbles and a feast! Lunch was enjoyed by our wonderful ladies, the Rose & Thorne team, and our fantastic camera crew. Our delicious spread of food was met with beautiful and insightful conversations about body image, body positivity, and the wonders of being a woman. It was truly an empowering lunch!

We then had the chance to speak one-to-one with our customers Paulina, Michelle, Kelly, and Hayley. The four women shared beautiful thoughts about not only their bra fittings but the reasons that drew them to taking part in this customer shoot.

One of these reasons included wanting to show themselves that they can be happy in their own skin so that their children can follow their example. Other reasons included wanting to take part as they were camera shy but trying to embrace themselves, and originally thinking "I wish I had the guts to do that," but then saying "screw it, I AM going to do this!".

Thank YOU!

We felt so fortunate to know not only get to know Paulina, Michelle, Kelly, and Hayley, but also get to know everyone involved in our customer casting call. Everyone who reached out had their own unique and incredible story, and we wish we could share them all. To show our appreciation and thank everyone, we gave a free bra to all who applied!

A few ladies have been invited to our next Bras and Bubbles event, and some will even be featured as Ladies We Love! We anticipate this video to be released within the next month - so keep your eyes peeled for some pretty exciting new content!

Thank you to all who were involved. You are all pretty incredible women!


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