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Customer Shoot featuring Hayley

Hayley smiling in Rose & Thorne Bra. Text reads: Customer Shoot featuring Hayley

Meet Hayley, one of our four lovely ladies who joined us for our recent Customer Video Shoot!  We wanted to give you the chance to get to know Hayley like we did on our shoot day, so we asked her a few questions! We're sure you'll love her as much as we do.

What is your name, bra size, and secret power? 

I'm Hayley, I'm a size 12B or C (depending on which Rose and Thorne bra I am in), and I'm a pretty amazing personal investigator when I need to be ;) 


Why did you apply to be in the Customer Video Shoot?

 For two reasons:

1. - I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and try something for myself. 

 2. - I wanted to promote great body confidence to my girls (and all women), and show them that I'm proud of the skin I'm in. 

What makes you the happiest in life?

Being around my friends and family, whether it's out for a walk with my pals, or at the park with my girls. Just being around people I love makes me so happy! 

What’s something most people wouldn’t know about you?

I don't have the average 9 - 5 job... I run my own company with my gorgeous Mum, and I'm also a part-time primary school teacher. 


What did you enjoy most about your day on set?

I'm still smiling from how invigorating the day was. I have NEVER felt more confident in my own skin as I did on set that day. I absolutely loved all the dancing and just being a total goofball in front and behind the camera. Not to mention meeting the stunning ladies who experienced this day alongside me. 


Was there anything that surprised you about the day?

I may be a bit of a control freak... as we knew nothing about what was happening, the whole day surprised me. 


How did it feel to be fitted and have a dance in your underwear in front of a camera?

Once I 'got over myself' and remembered why I was doing this, I had an absolute ball. I embraced it and really got into the groove - the great music helped!  


Is there anything you learned from taking part in our customer video shoot?

I learnt so much over the course of the day, from how to put on a bra properly (thanks Sue the amazing Bra Guru), to how there are so many women that feel the same way as I did about my body image. From this experience I learnt to embrace my body, with all it's curves and wonderfulness and I vow to make sure my girls grow up with a body positive role model. 


What's the best thing about being a woman? 

Being a woman is amazing, honestly we can do ANYTHING we set our minds to, we just need to believe in ourselves! 


What's one piece of advice you'd give to others learning to embrace their bodies?

Your body is the only thing you have full control over. What you put into it, do to it, that's all on you. Be proud of who you are, all your bumps, curves, scars, freckles and spots. Without them, you wouldn't be you. But most of all, believe in YOU! 


What's your favourite go-to Rose & Thorne bra, and why?

My absolute go to at the moment is my Curvylicious Bra in Aqua Navy... and I am so excited for my White and Pale Pink to arrive! It fits me so well and I can wear it with anything. It absolutely the most comfortable bra I have ever worn (and it has an underwire!!!). Plus it's gorgeous and makes me feel so sexy when I wear it! 


Hayley in comfortable Rose & Thorne bra, with Bra Guru Sue laughing at Customer Video ShootHayley in comfortable Rose & Thorne bra, with Bra Guru Sue laughing at Customer Video Shoot
Hayley posing confidently at Customer Video ShootHayley posing confidently at Customer Video Shoot


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